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I can't possibly anticipate every word or phrase you'll want your smilies to say, so I'll give you the tools to make your own speech balloons! Copy and paste the alphabet into a balloon. Then place the finished balloon next to a smiley! Check out my examples to get some ideas.
Try My Smiley Speech Balloon Creator!
Step 1: Click the letters, numbers, and punctuation marks to type a message up to 50 characters long. The balloon will expand automatically as you type. Use the red arrow to delete characters.
Step 2: Find the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. Pressing it saves a copy of your desktop on the clipboard.
Step 3: Open your graphic editing program. Select "Paste" to move the screenshot you just took off the clipboard and into a new window.
Step 4: Select the Crop tool and drag a box around the green area. This step will remove everything outside the box, leaving just the speech balloon.
Step 5: Save the cropped image as a Transparent GIF, with the green background as the transparent color.
Now you can place your new speech balloon after a regular smiley as shown above!
The Smiley Speech Balloon Creator can only make one-line messages.