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If you have a great idea for a new smiley, please let me know! After over a decade of creating smilies, I'm running out of emotions, animals, foods, people, symbols, and objects to make. Many of the smilies in my collection come from suggestions I never would have thought of. I want Mazeguy Smilies to remain one of the best smiley Websites on the Internet, but I need your help to keep it that way.

Please include a good description of your message in the Subject line. It will help me seperate legitimate feedback and inquiries from junk and spam. An email with a blank or generic subject may accidentally get thrown out. Before asking a question, please check my F.A.Q. Page first and see if you can find some answers there.

My email address is: mazeguy5@hotmail.com

Lindsay The casts of Firefly, Serenity, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She's a big Joss Whedon fan!
Sarah More Wizard of Oz characters, board games, and Disney princesses.
Jeri Doctor Who and Star Wars characters.
Traci A lot of food ideas.
Chase Sign language emoticons for the deaf and hard of hearing.
Jessica Characters from Sailor Moon, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and We Bare Bears.