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  Dice Collection

A Plethora of Pips

In my early teens, I played a little bit of Dungeons and Dragons. I know it's hard to believe that a happenin' guy like me who's into such macho stuff as cartoons and dominoes would be interested in such a dorky activity, but that's the case.

During that time, I amassed an assortment of dice from other board games, the local hobby shop, and donations from friends and family.

I don't play D&D anymore, but the dice are still stored in this drawer cabinet which is normally reserved for assorted nuts and bolts. Here they are, from the least number of sides to the most.

3-Sided Dice
These actually have 6 sides, but the numbers
1, 2, and 3 each appear twice.

4-Sided Dice
The only dice where the number you roll
is either on the bottom or a corner.

6-Sided Dice, Pips
"Pip" is the techincal term for "dot".
Do I sound sophisticated? Didn't think so.

6-Sided Dice, Numbers
All the functionality of regular dice,
without any of that tricky pip counting.

6-Sided Dice, Smooth
No sharp corners that could poke your eyes out.

6-Sided Dice, Skulls
Instead of ones, these dice have scary skulls.

6-Sided Dice, Chaos
You can see how it earned its name.
Those crazy symbols are out of control!

6-Sided Dice, Stars
These were originally part of a board game
called Liar's Dice. It's true!

6-Sided Dice, Letters
How many words can you make with just six dice?

6-Sided Dice, Bowling
According to my math, I'm missing...
three dice from this set.

6-Sided Dice, Blank
I could never figure out what to put on it.

6-Sided Dice, Casino
These 1½" cubes came from
an Atlantic City souvenir shop.

6-Sided Dice, Crooked
There are no 90° angles on these dice.

6-Sided Dice, In Dice
Sure, dice in dice are fine, but when will
someone make dice in dice in dice?

6-Sided Dice, Glow
I couldn't get a good shot of these dice
glowing in the dark, but trust me... they do.

6-Sided Dice, Wood
A pair of 2¼" wooden cubes,
handcrafted by my brother, Steve.

6-Sided Dice, Small
These 8 mm dice were pried out of
a motorized Yahtzee game.

6-Sided Dice, Tiny
At 5 mm, these are the smallest dice I have.

6-Sided Dice, Big
A bit larger than your average dice,
but we can do better.

6-Sided Dice, Bigger
You never know what you'll find at a yard sale,
like these nifty 4" blocks.

6-Sided Dice, Biggest
Giant, 6" foam dice from Five Below.

8-Sided Dice
This is the point where dice have enough sides
to start resembling jewels.

8-Sided Dice, Smiley
From another board game. The 8 is replaced
by a smiley face. Prophetic?

8-Sided Dice, Poker
Marlboro once marketed this set of
poker dice which includes suits.

10-Sided Dice, Numbers
One side for each toe,
unless you're a three-toed sloth.

10-Sided Dice, Percentage
These pairs show that there is no "I" in "team",
although there is one in "dice".

10-Sided Dice, Pips
These are a little larger than their numbered
counterparts to accommodate all the pips.

10-Sided Dice, Weird
I'm not sure what to make of this
unevenly-shaped thing.

12-Sided Dice
A dozen pentagons come together
to form this pleasing shape.

20-Sided Dice
One side for each finger and toe,
unless you're a three-toed sloth.

20-Sided Dice, Jumbo
55 millimeters tall!
It's extra large for those important rolls.

20-Sided Dice, Ring
Have you ever wanted to wear a die? Now you can!
Check out CritSuccess for more dice rings.

20-Sided Dice, Inflatable
This huge, air-filled d20 is from Crystal Caste.

30-Sided Dice
I'm running out of ways to describe dice.
These are 30-sided dice.

34-Sided Dice
I suppose you could make a die for
any even number using this technique.

48-Sided Dice
Or, as it's more commonly known as,
a disdyakis dodecahedron.

50-Sided Dice
The previous caption has proven to be correct.

60-Sided Dice
Now you're just being ridiculous.

100-Sided Dice
A zocchihedron, named after
its inventor Lou Zocchi.

120-Sided Dice
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

Odd Numbered Dice
Dice with 3, 5, 7, 9, 11,
13, 15, 17, and 19 sides.

Metal Dice
They've got a good bit of heft to 'em.

Dice Clock
You'll enjoy watching time go by with
this retro clock. (AA battery not included)

Spam the Dice Game
"I don't like Spam!" - Mrs. Bun

Yahtzee Super Mario
I love playing Super Mario Bros. games!
Now, where do I plug in the controller?

More to come?