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  Super Domino Bros.

A.K.A. Super Mario Basement

An overview of the entire course
Pardon the dust.

A K'NEX enclosure was build around a Scattergories game timer. The big green domino falls on a lever that triggers the timer. The dial is connected to an arm that slowly rotates a magnet around, which attaches itself to our nameplate. This delayed reaction gives Steve time to complete a line of dominoes. It's similar to a challenge performed during Domino Day, but far less dramatic.

Smiley Drop
The yellow ball is tied to a domino sitting under the green block. When freed, it falls into a cup with sides that fold out and sets off all of the surrounding dominoes. At least, that's what it's SUPPOSED to do...

Follow the bouncing ball!

Mario Mosaics
Some sprites from classic Super Mario Bros. games were recreated using dominoes.

Topple Tennis
Left, right, left, right, left, right...

Super Spiral
The tire swings clockwise in gradually smaller cirles just above the unsuspecting dominoes. Upon hitting the large yellow one, they spiral counter-clockwise in ever-widening rings.

Disconnect 4
The pinball falls into the cup, releasing all of the checkers at once.

Domino Staircase
The tube rolls over the tops of the dominoes without knocking them over.

Mirror Image
The bottom halves of the letters are spelled out with dominoes, and the mirror reflects the top halves. This trick can be done with words containing the letters B, C, D, E, H, I, K, O, and X.

Doomsday Device
Our largest domino is 12 inches tall. It's big and dangerous enough to push a bowling ball which acts more like a wrecking ball.

Watch the video!