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  Old Spice Swagger

Challenge Accepted!

Back in June 2009, I found out that Old Spice was making a wide variety of challenges with cash prizes to promote their Swagger line of products. The challenges included building a Swagger sand castle, juggling with Swagger, and writing a song about Swagger.

One challenge was to spell "Old Spice Swagger" with dominoes, the winner of which would get $1,000. We figured this was right up our alley, so the quest to win a grand began!

A little product placement at the beginning would probably help our chances. These Old Spice anti-perspirants are used as deodorizing dominoes.

Each letter needs to start falling at a different spot in order for the entire word to be spelled out. There's a secret hidden behind the fall wall that will be revealed at the proper time.

This picture is dominated by the giant mosaic, but there are two other stunts. Each long, white domino has a one inch strip of the Old Spice Swagger logo attached to its top half. Since each domino is spaced one inch apart, the logo will come together when they fall. Finally, a marble descending the xylophone staircase plays the familiar Old Spice jingle.

We set up our entry in the same basement as our Super Mario Bros. tribute. The words "Old Spice Swagger" appeared four seperate times using several different techniques, which we hoped would be good enough to win.

And what do you know, we did win! You can also see our video on Old Spice's Facebook page.