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  Pearl S. Buck House 2009

The Good Hearth

Pearl S. Buck International held their 54th Annual International Day, and invited us to set up a domino toppling display as part of the entertainment. The event was held at the Pearl S. Buck House in our hometown of Perkasie, Pennsylvania. This was by far the closest location yet (just seven miles) so we jumped at the chance.

We started building on the stage in the Cultural Center the morning of September 13, 2009. Visitors were milling in and out of the building, making it feel like WE were on display rather than the dominoes. After about seven hours, we had managed to set up 7,390 dominoes, and here they are:

Let's Take a Closer Look

The Good Earth tells the story of an honest farmer and his wife as they struggle with the sweeping changes of twentieth century China. The book was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel and the Nobel Prize for Literature.

This domino portrait of Pearl S. Buck isn't quite as detailed as the painting right above the fireplace, but it'll do.

Ahh, a much easier two-color mosaic recreating the PBSI logo.

We spelled out Pearl's name in both English and Simplified Chinese. Her grave marker is inscribed with Chinese characters representing the name Pearl Sydenstricker.

The entire course is sandwiched by two walls of dominoes. Here's the left side.

For Those Who Were Behind Someone Tall...

Here's our video from the event. Now might be a good time to mention that we tried a different configuration for the Fall Wall after it gave us trouble on an earlier course. After this one, we think it may be cursed...