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  Pearl S. Buck House 2010

Exit, Stage Left

Last year at the Pearl S. Buck House, we created our domino display on a stage in the Cultural Center. It may have been the best place to set up, but it was not ideal for the viewers. People farther away from the stage couldn't see everything, especially kids. As we learned at the Brattleboro Museum, the audience needs to be able to surround the course so that nobody misses anything.

The organizers of International Day tried to solve this problem by setting up four raised platforms in the middle of the room. This may have enhanced the viewing experience, but it made things much tougher for us. Repeatedly climbing up and down the makeshift, two foot tall stage was tiring, and the surface area was limited.

As a result, this is the smallest display we have ever built for a public event. Despite the limited number of dominoes, the course came to a halt and had to be restarted at one point. We were pretty disappointed about it, and apparently the staff was as well because we weren't invited back for a third time.

So, now that I've done an excellent job of hyping up the event, I'm sure you're eager to see the video! There are a few highlights, such as the big postage stamp pictured above. You just have to search for them.