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  Penn Museum 2011

Fun and Games

To coincide with the University of Pennsylvania's 2011-2012 academic theme, the Penn Museum presented a "Year of Games" display. On November 6th, 2011, we set off a domino course that incorporated several old and modern games in the Chinese Rotunda.

This was, without a doubt, the most incredible room in which we've ever had a domino show. If you're ever in the Philadelphia area, try to visit the Penn Museum. Our video simply doesn't do it justice.

The older games we included and their countries of origin are: Go (China), Backgammon (Iran), Chess (India), and Mancala (Eritrea and Ethiopia). More modern games are also featured, such as baseball, tennis, ice hockey, video games, and a prize wheel made of K'Nex. A big die is "thrown" in for good measure.

Despite a couple of stunts that failed to trigger, this turned out to be one of my favorite events. Perhaps being surrounded by priceless works of art provided some added inspiration.

But enough gushing, here's the video. Steve recorded it from a scissor lift, so enjoy the unique aerial view.